Who are we?

S.O.S. Calvaires Saint-Vincent-des-Vignes®™.

We are Friends for the preservation of religious heritage.

Our organisation (loi 1901), born in 2002, is located in Vallet, Muscadet’s hometown, in the Loire-Atlantique department, Pays de Loire region.

We are a well-recognised organisation in the area and are approved by the C.A.U.E. (Urban Architecture Consulting & Environment) of Loire-Atlantique.

For research, history and precervation of the rural religious heritage, to protect our heritage, the past and our origins.

Help us preserve it!

This religious heritage was built by our ancestors, at cross roads and in the centre of villages. Crosses, statues of Saints and Madonnas were built as a symbol of protection for houses and harvests.

With the help of our residents, this initiative can build an awareness on the importance of the protection and preservation of our heritage and help future generations understand their link to the past.

The S.O.S Calvaires Saint-Vincent-des-Vignes organisation has 67 members as well as 41 Friends of Heritage preservation who bring their help and knowledge to the cause.

Le remède est a portée de la main”.

A group of retired and working people from different background are assisted by craftsmen and businessmen to help rebuild religious monuments in the Saint-Vincent-des-Vignes parrish.

We have already restored more than forty various monuments and we are looking for financial support for new projects!

If you have some spare time or if you know someone who can help with research, stories, please give us a hand, we’ll appreciate your advice.

If you wish to donate or help us, please leave your contact details below, in the secure comment box. You can also download an Application Form in (pdf version) and return it to:

SOS Calvaires c/o Gérard Boursier, 7bis route des Dorices, 44330 Vallet, France.

See all monuments of Vallet on the map: